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Age and Implants

Age and Implants

Dental implantation today is not only the perfect way to restore healthy teeth and life comfort. For many patients, this procedure has become a way of rejuvenation, since during implantation not only all the defects of the dentition in the smile area are removed, but atrophy of the jawbone tissue stops. And it restores the contours of the face and prevents the formation of additional wrinkles around the mouth, affects the articulation and attitude to life.

Is an older age against contraindication for dental implants?

Thus, in case of doubt whether to implant teeth, remember the perfect smiles and self-confidence of the happy owners of implants and decide. In addition, implantation is available at any age, starting at age 18, and has rather different age modifications than limitations. Indeed, the information that in the elderly people dental implantation is impossible, has no practical justification. Because, as for everything in life, there can be no suitable and inappropriate time or age for implantation. 

If implantation is denied, without explaining the reasons, but general phrases are said about age, this most likely indicates lack of professionalism, because an experienced implantologist will offer alternative options for the procedure, since today the range of methods available for implantation is very wide.

Of course, the doctor first conducts an examination, consultation, prescribes additional examinations and examinations by other specialists, since implantation is still an operative measure and a procedure that will still affect the whole body in one way or another. Therefore, the implantation in old age can be denied if there are concomitant chronic diseases in a state of decompensation, with severe jaw bone atrophy and inability to build bone tissue, with marked osteoporosis, but all these conditions are contraindications at a young age.
Therefore, the age aspect in implantology plays a significantly smaller role than the general state of health of the body, regardless of age, and the health of many elderly people leading an active lifestyle can be in no way inferior to the health of young people. Therefore, an elderly patient without a history of diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system, osteoporosis and other chronic diseases perfectly “cope” with implantation and will acquire a young and beautiful smile, not to mention other functional advantages of healthy teeth.

So, if a patient has no restrictions on health, and a decision is made to implant teeth, then it will be carried out in age patients using the two-step method. Because it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of immunity and the longer implant engraftment process. So, one-step implantation with immediate load will not work. Only after making sure that the implant was successfully integrated into the bone, the dentist will perform the final procedure for installing the abutment and prosthetics.
The specialists of Alpha Dent Implants remind that after the implant is installed at any age, it is necessary to take care of it very carefully, and the

The specialists of Alpha Dent Implants remind that after the implant is installed at any age, it is necessary to take care of it very carefully, and the quality of the implants and the professionalism of the dentists guarantee its durability.

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July 10, 2017
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