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Age requirements and dental implants

Age requirements and dental implants

Dental implants in the elderly has their own features, which are not restrictions. The restrictions include psychological barriers that some older people experience according to modern methods of restorative dentistry. Indeed, when it is referred to the possible implantation of teeth in fully or partially edentulous people, many aged patients prefer traditional but outdated methods, they are ready to wear uncomfortable dentures instead of implants. This conservative approach is understandable, but it does not benefit the patient.

It is necessary to overcome these fears of the new and change patients’ attitude towards their health, as patients of any age are getting convinced that dental implants are an available, secure and comfortable option to replace missing teeth. Unfortunately, the problems with the teeth in old age are common phenomenon but dentists have a wide range of techniques and tools to help patients find the solution. However, it is important to remember that age causes a lot of changes in the human body that may be contraindications for dental implants, despite the patient’s consent. To overcome the doubts of the patient about dental implant treatment – is an important preparatory stage, which involves preliminary medical examination to exclude any chronic diseases that may be absolute contraindications to dental implants.

If the older patient with chronic diseases would like to restore his teeth with dental implants, it is necessary to visit other medical specialists that deal with treatment of this disease, to know about any risks and complications. Absolute contraindications include diseases of the circulatory, immune and skeletal systems, which do not allow implants to stabilize   and osseointegrate without complications. They can cause inflammation, bleeding, rejection of the implant, which must be removed.

The patients with cardiovascular disease may have serious complications during a dental anesthesia or implant surgery. If the oral surgeon, examining the patient, doubts about the possible risks, dental implant treatment will be denied. This also involves bone atrophic changes as a result of prolonged absence of teeth. In this case bone grafting is necessary for implant placement, that lengthens the whole process of dental implantation, requires additional surgery with the use of high doses of drugs.

But the specialists of the company Alpha Dent Implants assert with confidence that all these diseases and bone atrophic changes can occur at any age and they are dependent on many factors, including the lifestyle. So, we cannot say that all of these features are related only to the elderly. Thus, they often interfere with dental implant surgery in elderly patients, but if the patient after the age of 50 in a good health, which automatically removes the risk of complications, there are no reasons that would absolutely prohibit dental implant treatment.

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October 25, 2019
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