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As Scalefactor Shuts Its $100mm Doors, What Does It Tell Us?


The software can log and track business expenses and reimbursements, including travel-related expenses, with the ability to tie them to particular projects. This includes the automation and tracking of payment to vendors and suppliers, with features such as payment scheduling, check printing, open purchase order alerts, document management, direct ACH bill payment, and vendor records. PitchBook’s non-financial metrics help you gauge a company’s traction and growth using web presence and social reach. Overall, I’d highly recommend ScaleFactor for anyone looking for an accounting solution.

  • I use Scale factor for my own LTD company, I use it as an addon / plugin to Xero.
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  • ScaleFactor returned the remaining capital to its investors, but the amount wasn’t disclosed.
  • This addresses a company’s ability to configure the software to fit its specific use case and workflow.
  • There are a lot of models for enabling the back office of small- and medium-sized businesses.
  • Multiple clients confirmed that they were receiving books full of errors that they had to correct themselves.

The company’s first product, launched in late 2017, was a bookkeeping orchestration software that rides on top of QuickBooks and Xero to make managing books less time-consuming for the business owner. Additional platform enhancements such as integrated bill pay, payroll processing and expense management were added over time to provide business owners a one-stop-shop for managing their financials. Most of these features were supposed to be powered by a combination of artificial intelligence tools and accounting experts.

Some customers were offered discounts in exchange for a reference; others were signed on without billing information, former sales employees say. At the end of the month, the sales team was told the target had been met. The company celebrated by throwing them a party at an arts and crafts factory in East Austin, where employees took photos with oversized bonus checks. None of this was known publicly last month, when Rathmann announced that ScaleFactor was closing. In an interview with Forbes on June 23, the CEO blamed the Covid-19 pandemic for almost halving ScaleFactor’s $7 million in annual recurring revenue as demand from small businesses crumbled. About 100 people would be laid off with three months of severance, and cash would be returned to investors — a seemingly tidy end to another startup afflicted by the pandemic.

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Developer of a SaaS-based finance and accounting software designed to streamline business accounting and financial operations. ScaleFactor’s platform connects to all of a business’ relevant financial accounts and leverages artificial intelligence combined with a workforce of highly trained bookkeepers to provide business owners a holistic view of their finances. Over time, the system learns the financial patterns of the business and proactively alerts users to future cash flow issues or opportunities to improve operations. In this way, ScaleFactor brings the power of enterprise financial management systems to real-economy SMBs, acting as a partner to handle back-office tasks and flag important issues, while owners can focus on serving their customers. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Austin, TX, ScaleFactor is a leading bookkeeping, payroll, and financial operations software platform for small-to-medium-sized businesses. Unlike typical human-led bookkeeping services, ScaleFactor leverages workflow automation to eliminate manual processes and provide insight into financial performance in near real-time.

Though the pandemic may have been a death knell, ScaleFactor was on rocky ground long before, Forbes found. Technology startups are often rewarded for a “fake it ‘til you make it” mentality by venture capital firms willing to throw money at a product until it meets expectations. But ScaleFactor used aggressive sales tactics and prioritized chasing capital instead of building software that ultimately fell far short of what it promised, according to interviews with 15 former employees and executives. When customers fled, executives tried to obscure the real damage. Nathan is a research analyst at G2 focusing on finance and accounting ERP software and their respective markets. Coming from the world of finance, Nathan understands and is familiar with the importance of finance/accounting software, and the complexities, struggles, and nuances that come with them.

Expense Management

Recent results suggest that we have already entered an era dominated by dark energy, but examination of the roles of matter and radiation are most important for understanding the early universe. The CB Insights tech market intelligence platform analyzes millions of data points on venture capital, startups, patents , partnerships and news mentions to help you see tomorrow’s opportunities, today. ScaleFactor is a great option for small businesses looking for an outsourced bookkeeper for their accounting needs. I have been working with ScaleFactor for several months and am very happy with them. I was referred to Scalefactor by another business owner I know who has worked with them for over a year and is still very happy with their services. ScaleFactor is very flexible in crafting ways of working to fit your organization.


Business software provider ScaleFactor is reportedly shutting down, after securing $100 million in capital during the past year from major investors including Bessemer Venture Partners and Coatue Management. In March 2020, the financial services company began experiencing challenges due to the global COVID-19 outbreak, which… Read More The post Payroll and Bookkeeping Software Firm ScaleFactor Shuts Down due to Declining Revenue Following COVID-19 Outbreak appeared first on Crowdfund Insider. Ness insights, ScaleFactor is enabling business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs to focus on what they love – running and growing their business. Find out more about how ScaleFactor is solving the problems that businesses face every day at

Kurt Rathmann Told His Big

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To make the reality less obvious, instead of calling their workers accountants, they called them customer service officers. Yet, it turns out that it wasn’t an AI that was doing the books of their clients, but rather good-old human accountants from ScaleFactor’s office in Austin, Texas, and their outsourced office in the Philippines. As you can guess, the financial statements of customers were delivered monthly. Covid-19 swept the United States the following month, and existing customers weren’t buying in; Robert and Cornelia Stang balked after being told their contract would jump from $500-a-month to $1,700. In the spring, investors discussed ScaleFactor’s future before deciding to shutter operations, according to a person with knowledge of the discussions.

  • Despite early signals that this was a viable move, significant COVID-driven disruptions to the small business landscape in the intervening four months have delayed that evolution and put mounting pressure on the company’s cost structure.
  • Technology that addresses regulatory challenges and facilitates the delivery of compliance requirements in FIs.
  • It has been an honor and a pleasure working with the other investors and board members, Michael Gilroy and Adina Tecklu from Canaan Partners and Amos Schwartzfarb from TechStars, as we’ve all worked with Kurt and the team to help ScaleFactor grow.
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  • In March 2020, the financial services company began experiencing challenges due to the global COVID-19 outbreak, which…

The team regularly participates in workout and yoga classes outside of work, competes in the Austin startup games, and takes retreats as a group to celebrate key milestones and strategize how they can growth the business. This culture has helped them be recognized as one of “Austin’s Best Places to Work ” by Austin Business Journal. The culture that has been built within the team bleeds over into how the team goes out of its way to give customers an incredible experience. The stories that we’ve consistently heard from customers about how the team goes above and beyond to make sure they have an amazing experience working with ScaleFactor are not stories that we hear from customers every day. Companies will only go as far as the people who are involved can take them. ScaleFactor, in large part, has been able to achieve such incredible growth — and positively impact the lives of many small business owners and their customers — because there’s something special brewing with the culture of this team.

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Boost Your Accounting Iq

Software works great with top to mid tier financial institutions. Though lower tier or less advanced financial institutions can be problematic in their ability to port data into

The tool seems to be growing quickly, which is awesome, but as a busy business owner I feel like the platform has developed many more capabilities since we became a client and we aren’t currently using its full capabilities. Unfortunately, the major thing that customers got out of their experience was a lesson in the risks involved in being a first adopter of unproven, innovative solutions. Once a big name invests in such a company, a lot of other investors crowd together because of the simple fear of missing out. Lindsey Reinders’ business lost $17,000 because of one such error that wasn’t caught for a couple of months. And when she demanded to be compensated, she was offered a partial refund under the condition that she wouldn’t share publicly her customer experience.

Scalefactor Announces Suspension Of Operations

ScaleFactor is great when a company has matured beyond the owner making all accounting and banking entries. As soon as multiple systems are needed, it’s likely a decent time to call ScaleFactor. I’m confident my operations could run through ScaleFactor for a long time as the next step for us would be something akin to NetSuite or some other more rigid enterprise solution. My company outsources a lot of accounting work, we do not have the resources to handle the work in-house and need to be flexible with our accounting and finance needs.

ScaleFactor is a cloud-based business accounting solution suitable for small and midsize companies. It helps businesses to automate complex accounting workflows and translate financial information into actionable insights.

ScaleFactor has been able to accommodate our needs and modify their ways of working to fit our organization. Their staff is very knowledgeable and willing to work with our accounting and finance staff to help tailor a solution to our business needs. My company has been using ScaleFactor for over a year, and I have been very pleased with the results.


We love the platform and have been exceptionally happy with the level of service for our bookkeeping needs. When we have required additional services as we grow, like outsourced CFO services, they’ve been supportive and have recommended the best of the best providers in their network for us to work with. I trust ScaleFactor and highly recommend working with them for bookkeeping services. The best move for the early investors (in this case Austin’s Tech Stars), however, isn’t to conservatively wait and see if the solution would work out eventually.

ScaleFactor is on a mission to remove the barriers to financial clarity that every business owner faces. Using software to speed up everyday tasks and a network of financial experts to address complex matters, we’ve set out to provide business owners with what they need to run their back offices with confidence, now and at every stage of business growth.

This component helps a company minimize the security risks by controlling access to the software and its data, and encouraging best practices among users. The software provides online portals for certain stakeholders to find information relevant to them, such as employees, vendors and customers. ScaleFactor raised a total of $100 million, including a $60 million Series C round led by Coatue. Other investors include Bessemer Venture Partners, Canaan, Broadhaven Ventures, Firebrand Ventures, Vulcan, Stripes Group, NextPlay Capital, Citi Ventures and Flyover Capital. As a part of the operational changes, ScaleFactor will be returning a portion of this capital back to its investors. The company will be providing all employees with a minimum of 12 weeks severance pay and will cover healthcare through the end of 2020. Due to headwinds created by the current economic climate, ScaleFactor is laying off half of its workforce today and retaining a portion of its team to help its current customers transition to new service providers.

Laying a carefully thought out down-to-earth slow-and-steady business plan will simply fail to attract any startup funding simply because such companies are not a source of startup returns. ScaleFactor was kickstarted in 2017 when it received $2.5 million in funding from Techstars Austin, and then caught the attention of Canaan Partners, who invested another $10 million in 2018. Shortly after this, word spread about this software company that was going to disrupt the accounting world by using AI to solve very big, complex problems for the first time. Bessemer Venture Partnersthen invested another $30 million, and recently, ScaleFactor raised another $60 million in a Series C round led by Coatue, bringing the total capital raised to over $100 million. An informal limit on the value of contracts allowed to be cancelled during Churn Desk meetings was then imposed in an attempt to slow the outflow. The investors in ScaleFactor’s business from its earliest angel investors, to the TechStars Austin accelerator, to the Series A lead, Canaan Partners, have been tremendously helpful, supportive, and hard-working. The ability to work through challenges on a daily basis has made it easier for the team to focus on building the product and company.

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The company forwent Texas-based investors, turning to mostly West Coast-based money for its Series C. Coatue Management led this latest round . Returning investors Bessemer Venture Partners, Canaan Partners, and Broadhaven Ventures also participated in the financing, in addition to new backers such as Vulcan, Stripes Group, and NextPlay Capital, and some angel investors. Kansas City-based Firebrand Ventures, which recently opened an office in Austin, put money in the round as well after having invested as far back as ScaleFactor’s seed raise in 2017.

What Is Scalefactors Revenue?

Unfortunately it seems like I catch the errors when I am hoping the Scale Factor team would catch them or at least raise a question about a transaction’s proper disposition before booking the transaction in QBO. This means I have to review QBO at a level of detail which somewhat defeats the time savings purpose of the move to Scale Factor.

November 9, 2021

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