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Alpha Dent Implants

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Alpha Dent Implants is a smooth-running company with a firm position in the field of development and production of dental implants.

Based on many years of experience and research of world leaders in the field of implantology, an innovative system of dental implants Alpha Dent Implants was developed.

Due to a precision technology of manufacturing and multilevel processing of implants surface their reliable osseointegration has been achieved.

  • 01
    Production manufacture in Germany
    All Alpha Dent Implants products are manufactured in Germany and meets all international quality standards.
  • 02
    Quality control
    Alpha Dent Implants maintains a system of thorough quality control of its products, which meets all requirements of main standards in this area.
  • 03
    Wide range of the products
    A wide range of our products enables an individual approach to the patient’s treatment taking into consideration anatomic peculiarities of jaws and providing an excellent aesthetics.
  • 04
    Alpha Dent Implants conducts various educational programs, which meet the needs of experienced implantology specialists and beginner dentists of general practice.
  • 05
    The company participates in charitable events, organizes tremendous off-site training activities all over the world, tours to factories, webinars, practical workshops.
  • 06
    Perfect service and support
    Each year products of Alpha Dent Implants take over new countries. The company has local sale and service centers, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to ensure the best service.
  • 07
    Professional principles
    Price, quality, and service are the main professional principles of Alpha Dent Implants company that help us escalate every day and give doctors from all around the world an opportunity to develop with us, providing their patients with a beautiful smile and different quality of life!
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