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Minimally Invasive Implantological Treatment

There is the original course for implant surgeons, who wants to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge in the modern concept of implant treatment. The lecturer will put the main emphasis on microinvasive techniques: soft and hard tissue plastic surgery, and also consider performing manipulations in the shortest time and with fewer surgical stages. During the course, implantation periods and loads, and also techniques and methods for increasing the volume of attached and soft tissues at each of the surgical stages of treatment, will be considered.

Diagnostics and virtual planning:

• Examination of the patient and diagnosis
• Photo documentation in implantology
• Choice of design and rehabilitation plan
• The concept of planning “from the crown”
• Minimally invasive procedures in implantology
• Use of thin and short implants

Recovery of lost tissue before, during and after implant placement:

• The concept of biological width
• A stuck and keratinized mucosa
• Switch platform
• Fence of a free subepithelial autograft
• Leg subepithelial graft collection
• Free epithelial graft collection
• Types of seams
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