Volunteer dentist helped US athlete to win gold 


Olympic Games in Rio came to its end. So what was remarkable in 2016 Olympic Games? One of the US archers injured his tooth during the competition, but the volunteer dentist from the Association of Sports dentists helped him to win gold.

Richard Knowlton, former head of the Academy for Sports Dentistry from Pennsylvania, said that the dental health issue is widespread among Olympic athletes.

Before participating in Rio 2016 Olympics, Dr. Knowlton provided free dental care to the members of the U.S. women's field hockey team.

Mr. Knowlton is very pleased to provide free dental care on the Olympic level. He also added even a 1/100th of a second is vital. It can make you a champion or a loser. In addition, if an athlete has serious gums disease, he or she has fewer chances to be a winner.

Richard Knowlton was a head of the Academy for Sports Dentistry. This organization has about 600 dentists, specialized in sports injuries. Since working with the U.S. Olympic Committee, Academy members have helped more than 350 US athletes.

Dr. Knowlton added more we could do for athletes at home, the better chance they will have in the competition.

Most of the athletes injure their teeth while playing basketball, baseball and softball. The main cause of such injuries is that mouthguards are not required.

In addition, Dr. Knowlton said many athletes do not have time for regular checkups because of training. Many athletes suffer from such dental issues as tooth decay, tooth abscesses and periodontitis.

Despite all the difficulties, Dr. Knowlton is very happy to provide free dental care to the Olympic level athletes, adding that his dream came true.

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