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How long should I wait to get the final restoration after implant placement?

How long should I wait to get the final restoration after implant placement?

Typically, the time required for implant-supported restorations to be delivered depends on dental implant technique chosen by the dentist. Modern implant dentistry offers a wide range of different techniques for implant placement, which dictate different requirements for the timeframe needed for loading of implants and delivery of prosthetic restorations.

Using a traditional two-stage implant procedure, a final prosthesis is delivered within 3-6 months after surgery, this time is needed for implant osseointegration to occur. A temporary crown or bridge is placed over the implant during the healing period. Crown or bridge procedures involves the fixation of supragingival portion of the restoration to a titanium post – an implant placed inside the jaw bone by means of the connector – an abutment.

With the traditional technique you need to wait 4 months to place implant-supported restorations in the upper jaw and 6 months- in the lower jaw, this is due, primarily, to the process of new bone formation around the implant and its ingrowth onto the implant surface. 

Such a long period is necessary in cases when extremely high functional loads are placed on the implant during chewing, most often when restoring lower lateral incisors. After the completion of the required period, the preparation of gingiva surrounding the implant is carried out in order to place a suitable abutment, which is screwed into the implant. A crown is then connected to the abutment with dental cement. The hybrid abutment crown is directly connected to the upper portion of the implant.

There are several factors affecting the final treatment decision:

  • Bone augmentation procedure prior to implant placement in patients with atrophic bone;
  • Sinus lift surgery that adds bone to the upper jaw.

All the indications and contraindications for a two-stage procedure should be strictly taken into account. If there is an option to use other dental implant techniques ,that allow to place the final restorations in a shorter period of time, then your dentist, assessing all the indications and contraindications of your case, will recommend it.

Thus, there are dental implant techniques, that allow to place implant-supported restorations within 3-5 days after implant placement. Such a short period of time is required for a one-stage procedure, compression implants as well as basal ones, are the best for this procedure. These types of implants differ from traditional ones used in a two-stage procedure by the fact that they are inserted not in the spongy layer of bone but in a deeper and dense (basal) layer. Therefore, a dental implant is placed in a one-phase procedure almost at the same time with a permanent prosthesis. There is no need to wait for osseointegration. The healing process occurs when the implant has been already loaded.

Thus, the specialists of the company Bio3 Implants, like your dentist, explain that different timeframes for completion of your treatment depend on surgical placement techniques and implant design, as well as indications or contraindications to a particular technique.

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January 12, 2018
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