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How many implants can be placed at one time?

How many implants can be placed at one time?

Only one implant is required to replace a single missing tooth and become the “root” of this restored tooth. However, the question that has to be answered is: how many implants can be placed at the same time if there are multiple missing teeth, not to mention fully edentulous patients?

This question will be answered at the preparatory stage for dental implant procedure, which begins with the initial consultation. It is necessary to undergo medical examinations, to determine your bone health and choose the most effective technique of implant placement for your case in order to select high-quality implants. 

Your dentist should solve all of these problems, who should have not only a high level of qualification, but also sufficient experience to use different implant placement techniques.

Multiple missing or failing teeth are replaced with multiple implants. This can be done in one single visit to the dentist in the absence of contraindications. The dentist will select different treatment regimens to place multiple implants when several or all permanent teeth are absent, depending on the objectives of the dental implant procedure. The ideal option to replace each missing tooth with a single implant-supported crown is quite real, but it is not always financially profitable. Therefore, your dentist will offer you the option to replace missing or failing teeth with bridge constructions supported by different number of implants: 4-6-8, etc.

These technologies are differently applied to restore teeth in the upper and lower jaws. The upper jaw generally requires less number of implants to support the bridge construction, as the bone here is less dense. Dental restorations should be placed at the inclination outside and need extra support offered by implants. Usually 6-8 implants are needed to support this bridge. The lower jaw requires the more implants to support the bridge construction, the better, as it is heavily loaded during chewing.

What conditions are necessary to observe in order to place multiple implants in one single visit to the dentist? First of all, all inflammatory processes must be treated and there must not be any signs of periodontal disease and periodontitis in the oral cavity prior to the surgical procedure. It is also important to assess bone volume and structure to prevent severe bone atrophy. If atrophy occurs in the jawbone, the procedure of multiple implant placement is out of the question until either bone augmentation or osteoplasty is performed.

However, there are more alternative techniques of implant placement in one single visit to the doctor. These are express and basal techniques of tooth restoration. The techniques, which take only a week, allow to place implants without bone augmentation. Special implants are used that can be placed into the deep basal layers of the jawbone in order to safely stabilize. They are immediately loaded and demonstrate complete osseointegration.

The specialists of the company Alpha Dent Implants recommend to begin with visiting a dental specialist who will provide implant treatment for you in order to decide a question about the number of implants required in your case and a period of time they need for their successful integration.

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April 24, 2019
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