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How much do dental implants cost?

How much do dental implants cost?

The successful development of dental implantation is taking place thanks to the ability to find high-tech solutions for very vital problems. Indeed, the loss of a tooth is rather common phenomenon that every person faces sooner or later, unfortunately, at a young age, it is also not uncommon. The demand for elegant solutions of the stressful situation, which greatly reduces the quality of life and violates its harmonious course, makes dental implants both popular and necessary.

Thus, we can say that all ingenious is simple, but has its price. Of course, not only a high demand for the dental implant procedure forms the price on implants. To determine what a cost of dental implants depends on, you need to remember all the stages of the procedure, beginning from the fabrication of implants and finishing with a doctor’s prescription in the postoperative period. So how much does an implant cost? What   is the price of the dental implant procedure as a whole?

Every patient wants to get the exact answer to this question, visiting the doctor about the dental implant procedure but no one doctor can name exactly the amount of the whole process of treatment.  And not because it is a secret. The fact that the pricing factors depend on the location of clinics (a big city or a small town), the level of professional skills of an implantologist, the level of clinic facilities and the cost of operating equipment, the price level of  implants, the protocol and dental implant process, the type of anesthesia, the need for bone augmentation, the total cost of all the extra materials.

It turns out that the best way to know the total cost of the dental implant procedure is not advertising or internet but a careful study of prices of dental clinics and dentist offices and the consultation with a specialist about what and how much you will need. And even in this case it is possible to have additional costs in the process of treatment because the medicine should not limit aid resources when it comes to the health of the patient.

So the cost of the dental implant procedure consists of the financial fee for each stage, as stages of some techniques take several months, so the fee will be for each stage separately.  The preparatory stage includes X-ray or CAT scanning, laboratory diagnostics, the consultation to choose the technique, 3-D modeling, the fabrication of the template. The next stage is a surgery requiring anesthesia, the bone augmentation procedure if necessary and the titanium implant placement of the required design. The postoperative period implicates the dental prosthetic procedure, the check of the patient’s condition, dental implant osseointegration and adjunct therapy (antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and analgesic).  We should also add here the cost of the   denture fabrication process, materials and quality of the implant and abutment are the most important things, and the fee to the clinic staff.

Therefore, before starting treatment it is very important to know not only the cost of   the implant placement, but the price of the full range of services which are necessary for it, but in different clinics they may vary a lot.

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October 7, 2019
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