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How to brush teeth after dental implant procedure?

How to brush teeth after dental implant procedure?

Even the most successful dental implantation – is only half the way to healthy teeth and beautiful smile. The second half – a responsible approach to the care of placed implants. The success of implant survival, its long service life and the absence of complications depend on the proper oral care after the dental implant procedure.

A good specialist should check on the first consultation how the patient brushes teeth and, if necessary, give recommendations in order to improve the efficiency of the process. The fact is that we have learned to brush our teeth in the childhood but many of us do it improperly, and it is unacceptable for implanted teeth as well as for natural.

What can the implantologist recommend us? How to clean teeth properly after the dental implant procedure and what is a purpose of it?

1. One of the first conditions for proper teeth brushing after the dental implant procedure is an ability to perform this hygienic procedure thoroughly but carefully, not damaging the soft tissue of gums. It prevents the occurrence of the implant mobility, as an adherent gingival line protects against the penetration of germs from the plaque directly in the implantation zone. Thus, careful teeth cleaning protects against the development of periodontitis, peri-implantitis and implant failure. This simple way reduces the risk of major complications after the dental implant procedure.

2. The implant cleaning must be twice a day – morning and evening just before going to bed and your should spend at least three minutes on this process (you can check it on special hourglass). You should clean thoroughly, paying more attention to places where crowns fit to the gum and to spaces between teeth. Such device as an irrigator is used to clean hard to reach places, it removes plaque and food debris between teeth with water ripple, massaging and improving the condition of the gums.

3. Before cleaning teeth you need to rinse your mouth with warm chamomile or sage water. If the dentist has prescribed other medicine for the oral cavity sanation, in any case, do not ignore the rinse with this medicine.

4. You can be any tooth paste, but as to the brush it should be with soft bristles, for interdental spaces it is recommended interproximal brush or beam.

5. The vertical surface of the teeth should be cleaned by sweeping movements from the gum to the upper edge of the crown, the teeth of the upper jaw are cleaned from top to bottom, of the lower jaw – from bottom to top. The chewing surfaces of the teeth are cleaned back and forth with horizontal movements.

6. The final moments of brushing teeth are the massage of gums and tongue cleaning, as it also accumulates plaque containing bacteria.

Abutments requires special attention when cleaning, because they can also accumulate germs and debris. The beam toothbrush, irrigator or dental floss are used especially for cleaning abutments. You need to discuss with your dentist the necessity of dental floss in your case. Dentures are cleaned as usual teeth.

The company Alpha Dent Implants guarantees the quality of implants and convinces that carrying out all these recommendations, you will increase the service life of implants and strengthen the health of natural teeth.

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November 23, 2016
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