Immediate implantation and loading using ActiveBio Triangular Implants

Immediate implantation and loading using ActiveBio Triangular Implants

Author: Dr. Dmitry Cherednik



The patient complained of mobility of the orthopedic structure in the upper jaw, namely, ceramic-metal crowns and an arch prosthesis in the upper jaw.

After all the examinations and clarification of all the patient’s wishes, it was decided to remove the remaining 4 teeth with the simultaneous installation of 6 implants.

The placement of implants was carefully planned at the preoperative stage, and a template was also made using 3D printing to install the implants in the exact position with the right angle in the toothless area near the maxillary sinus.

During the operation, teeth were removed with a hole inspection, 5 Alpha Dent Active Bio implants and one Alpha Dent Active Konus 3.25 / 10 implant were installed, with a torc from 25 -45 N / cm2. After that, the ridge was reduced to the required height. The gaps between the bone and implants were filled with a mixture of Auto and Xeno bone in a percentage ratio of 50/50. Immediately install a multi-unit abutment and healing caps.

Sewing on technology “two-storey” seams.

The next day, 1 straight multi-unit abutment was replaced with a corner. Installation of transfers that were connected by dental floss and reinforced with ashless plastic FormPlast. The next step was a one-stage impression, after that the work was sent to a dental laboratory, where an armored plastic prosthesis with screw fixation on multi-units was made by the end of 2 days.

The prosthesis is fixed, the patient is sent for 6 months and awaits osseointegration.

September 7, 2015
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