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Implant survival – cooperation of professionalism and nature

Implant survival – cooperation of professionalism and nature

Latin medical term “implantation” is familiar to everybody and not only because of dental implantology, but often it is connected with such fashionable and, in principle, necessary branch of medicine as plastic surgery. And as implantation (from the Latin. «Im» – inside and «plantatio» – plant (put in)) implies still implantation surgery of foreign structures and materials in tissues, we need to answer the patients’ question about dental implant survival rate   and  influencing factors.

In the absence of complicating factors, doctors except them during preliminary examination, history taking and conducting additional laboratory and diagnostic tests, after titanium dental core is installed in the jawbone, phase of survival begins. Under normal conditions implant survives for 4-6 months. 

The difference in survival rate of the implants in the upper and lower jaws is explained by anatomical features of bones and different roles of each jaw during chewing. The ultimate period of implant survival rate in the upper jaw – 6 months, and in the lower jaw -4 months.

Speed and harmony of survival depends on many factors. They include sterility, accuracy of the operation, correct implant prosthetics and following doctor’s recommendations. One of the successful crucial factors of implant survival is the material of which it is made.  The use of a biocompatible material, largely, provides a good survival rate. That’s why the company Alpha Dent Implants supports the thorough control of the quality of their products, which meet all the requirements of basic standards in this area. Understanding that variety of biological responses is happening on the surface of the implant that affect the successful implant survival rate-osteointegration was the reason of the development of new implant surface Active Bio, Active Conus, Classic Conus, Active, Classic and Slim – 3D by the Alpha Dent Implants  specialists.

3D surface – the successful achievement of a surface treatment of dental implants. Such  surface creates  ultimate similarity to the natural biological structure  and a special thread form allows the Alpha Dent implant to penetrate easily  into the bone, at the same time  reducing its damage, and creates additional space for new osseous (bone) tissue formation. Manufacturing company guarantees the success of dental implantation with the help of high technological achievements. What depends on the doctor-patient relationship? A lot of. First of all, professionalism and thorough   planning   of the operation, keeping the sterility, how fast the patient decides to implant and how carefully and responsibly he is ready to follow all medical appointments.

It is very obligatory to follow oral hygiene  and  use various means for mouth  rinsing  with antibacterial properties, and for  prevention of   infections  it is necessary  to be treated with antibiotics. Reducing   survival time is also achieved by using blood plasma of the patient. Both during the implantation and after it is obligatory to attend a physician in order to monitor the adaptation process, to complete the treatment and to fix the permanent dentures.

Thus, successful implant survival rate depends on many factors but we can influence on each of them.

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September 20, 2019
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