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Implantation in case of teeth absence

Implantation in case of teeth absence

 Edentulous or absence of teeth not only causes difficulties during food intake, but also a violation of speech distortion of facial proportions, constant discomfort in communication and much more. These are the main problems which significantly impair quality of life of a person suffering from a similar ailment. Not so long ago the only solution in the absence of teeth was dentures affixed directly to the gums by suction or by using a special adhesive gel. But this solution is not ideal because of the unreliability of fixing arises discomfort when chewing, and there is always a risk of loss removable jaw mouth. Therefore, we consider other options for addressing the complete absence of teeth, for example, using modern methods of dental implantation.

Each tooth has its own implant

You can use the full implantation for restoration of the tooth row, ie the implant is setting on the place of missing tooth. In the upper and lower jaw implants are implanted to 14 , each of which is assigned its crown – that is recreated full dentition , excluding third molars . But this method is not suitable for all patients, because it requires a sufficient amount of bone in the area of implantation for each implant. There may also be constraints due to the proximity of nerves. Furthermore, attaching the implant 28 in both jaws with the same amount of bits is a quite expensive procedure and not affordable for each patient.

Bridge on implants

This technique is similar to traditional prosthetics with using bridges, but the bridge is not fixed on live teeth and artificial. Based on the analysis of clinical case, the implantation is performed by setting 6 – 8 implants in the lower jaw and 7 – 10 implants in the upper jaw. They established on artificial roots attached to a fixed bridge with cement or screws. Number of teeth on the bridge can be 12 or 14 units. Fixed bridges on implants are one of the best solutions to fully edentulous, which provides full functionality of the new teeth.

“All-on- 4” – four implant prosthesis

In some cases installing a large number of implants is not possible due to lack of bone volume and the proximity of the maxillary sinus or the mandibular nerve. In such conditions doctors use four implants on each jaw. They are set in the area of the front teeth in compliance with a certain distance between them and extreme implants fixed inclined 45 ⁰. Prosthesis may serve as removable and non-removable bridge consisting of 12 teeth. Sometimes as a support element for denture implant is fixed with metal beam. This solution is becoming more popular because of its simplicity and reliability.

Dentures with a minimum number of implants

Dentures with a minimum number of implants apply in the case of installation of four implants even impossible because of anatomical features of the jaw or the financial capacity of the patient, in this case 2 – 3 implants and abutments are with a spherical tip installing. This type of fastening ensures a secure fit of the denture, but at the same time allows you to remove it easily for cleaning. Also, using several dental implants one can fix denture with beam- mount. The beam between the prosthesis and the implant provides uniform distribution of masticatory and more reliable fixation in comparison with spherical mount. If necessary, the prosthesis can also be removed for hygienic procedures.

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April 24, 2019
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