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Implants or removable dentures?

Implants or removable dentures?

Many of us, unfortunately, face the problem of losing teeth and the need to seek help from a dentist for their restoration. If it were not for the active development of methods of dental implantology, in such a situation, dentists could only recommend removable dentures. Yes, the very ones who make frightening thoughts about the false jaw left in a glass of water for the night. Removable dentures for many are synonymous with old age. However, we live in another reality in which implants were invented. And therefore we have an alternative to removable dentures of teeth in the absence or inability to treat them.

Modern alternative to dentures

Why do dentists themselves prefer to abandon the traditional removable prosthetics and recommend prostheses on implants? How are removable prosthetics so tired for both patients and doctors?

The list of the main claims to so long applied dentures looks like this:

  • unreliable fixation, which can fail at the most inopportune moment;
  • a long adaptation period, which as a result may end up unaddressed;
  • sometimes quite pronounced gag reflex, rubbing and inflammation of the gums under the prosthesis, stomatitis, delayed viscous food and bad breath;
  • possible failure of the prosthesis due to the cumbersome design and constant monitoring by the dentist to prevent it.

Alternative to the jawbone

Modern dental implantology offers various alternatives to dentures, there are many methods of prosthetics on implants, depending on the clinical situation, indications and contraindications, financial possibilities and the wishes of the patient. Recently, the American method of prosthetics on mini implants has become widespread. Such implants are thinner and shorter than traditional ones. In addition, 4-6 mini-implants are sufficient to strengthen the prosthesis, and the method itself has practically no contraindications. However, as well as any method of dental treatment in the postoperative period, this method requires a careful and attentive attitude.

The method of installing a prosthesis on two traditional dental implants, which are installed in the jaw bone with sufficient volume and height, is also actively used. This method has its advantages:

  • the attachment of such prostheses to implants is carried out with the help of locks-attachments, which have proven to be more durable than mini-implant attachments;
  • these locks in traditional implants in case of breakdown are disassembled and replaced with new ones – there is no need to reinstall the implant itself;
  • traditional implants go through the whole process of osseointegration for a longer time, and therefore more reliably fixed in the bone, which is facilitated by their more massive construction;
  • the likelihood that the need to build bone for two implants is very small;
  • suitable at any age.

Another alternative option for removable prosthetics is the installation of a completely non-removable structure on 4 implants, which can restore more than 12 teeth at once.
Today in many successful countries for the majority of the population the question “removable prosthesis or implant” is not worth it, many dentists there in some cases even refuse to perform another method of prosthetics than implantation, as they consider an unethical and unprofessional method of turning neighboring healthy teeth to prosthetics of one lost tooth.

Thus, an alternative to obsolete removable dentures is prosthetics on implants. And the company Alpha Dent Implants creates all the conditions for the development of these more advanced methods of dental care, producing affordable high-quality implants.

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November 1, 2016
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