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Indications for implantation - indications for health

Indications for implantation – indications for health

As you know, the search for new technologies and developments in any branches of medicine in general and dentistry in particular, is always a response to the request and needs of people who care about their health. The desire to achieve a high level of life quality, despite of negative influence from both the environmental and social development factors: stress, fatigue, neurosis, plays a main role in achieving the physical and psychological health.

It is as a response to this understandable desire of mankind to perfection, Alpha Dent Implants, the company perfectionist in dental implantology, having studied scientific experience of many years and key researches in this area, has developed an innovative system of dental implants Alpha Dent.  New achievement of the company, responsive to the needs of dentistry beauty, is Alpha Dent Implants surface 3D, as the result of a long and successful work on the way towards the perfection in health care.

Knowing it, as well as keeping an eye on the development of modern dental implantology, it is easy to agree that implantation – optimal method of lost teeth restoration. According to international researches, efficiency, as a result of the ratio of the convenience and durability of the costructions after implantation therapy, is miles ahead of the classical methods of prosthesis used in prosthetic dentistry.

However, like  any method used in modern medicine, dental implantation requires  the presence of certain indications , which the company Alpha Dent Implants mentions  both specialists and patients about, taking care of  the successful and supportive  health resumption  in each unique case. It is necessary to take into consideration that all Alpha Dent Implant technology power in the hands of a good specialist, who is guided only by concern for the health of the patient, explaining the reasons for the indications of dental implantation, can do wonders. And it also means that real medicine does not make exceptions: if there is no indication for treatment and there are some contraindications, the specialist will competently recommend you refrain from it. There are only some situations and taking into account the advantage of dental implantation before prosthetic implantation, there is no need to grind your teeth and remove the nerves, we can affirm that the implantation is the only way to return the beauty of a smile and restore health.

The main indications   for dental implantation:

1. Single bounded edentulous space. With this diagnosis, it is just necessary to avoid damage o f adjacent healthy teeth, but it is inevitable as a result of grinding in order to do for   bridge crowns or other structures.

2. Partial denture defects of the dentition. In the absence of several teeth in succession, you can use any type of implants for dental restoration.

3. Free-end edentulous space. When last teeth are absent it is often excluded the application of classical methods of prosthetics, as most of them require attachment with the adjacent tooth for the prosthesis fixation. Implants are easily installed in any place of the dentition.

4. Edentulism. This defect is an indication for dental implantation, when the patient does not accept the idea of “teeth on the shelf.”

5. Denture intolerance.  It is impossible to have acrylates – basis of removable dentures if you have any allergies or other things.

6. Disturbance of occlusion and pain syndrome as a result.

Your dentist will introduce you with all indications for dental implants in details at the first consultation, and we will inform you   about the most common contraindications in the next article.

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December 13, 2018
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