Alpha Dent Implants Symposium 2017 - Alpha Dent Implants

Alpha Dent Implants Symposium 2017

Alpha Dent Implants Symposium 2017

Alpha Dent Implants company is a reliable partner for hundreds of dental implantologists in more than 20 countries.  We have achieved such result with the help of diligent efforts of all company employees and high quality of products that meet world standards.

With a constant contact with our clients we improve the quality of our service and products. Alpha Dent Implants arranges sessions with the best dental professionals from different countries of the world. Next time we can see you at the symposium devoted to the implantation problems, which will be conducted in 23 – 26 of June 2017 in Burgundy, France.

It would be unforgettable adventure for all visitors because the symposium will be held on the real ship. With this innovative idea, each member can feel himself a captain. 


July 1, 2017
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