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Oral Care After Dental Implantation

Oral Care After Dental Implantation

Dental implant is a complex, multistep process that requires a responsible attitude not only at the stage of the operation, but also during implant’s lifetime. In order to reduce the risk of complications and rejection of the implant and to prolong its service life, you must strictly follow the doctor’s instructions, including special features hygienic oral care at different times after implantation.

Still at the preparatory stage is necessary to run a possible careful oral hygiene , because one of the conditions necessary for the most successful prosthesis is the maximum achievable sterile surgical field during the installation procedure of the dental implant. For this matter it is necessary to achieve a healthy state of the gums, and hence eliminate microbial plaque and tartar.
Before implantation dentist will teach you the basic skills of correct hygienic oral care, as temporary and permanent for dentures. The absence of microorganisms in breeding areas is very important for long life of the dental prosthesis, so along with mechanical methods (cleaning tooth surfaces from supragingival and subgingival plaque and calculus, eliminating portions delay plaque on natural teeth or dentures) used antimicrobial drug therapy, and in some cases even surgical treatment.

In the early postoperative period is very important to follow the recommendations of the attending physician. Take all prescribed medications (antibiotics, pain relievers, Health Supplements) and diet. Dieting in this case implies acceptance soft and liquid or pureed food that minimally traumatizes mucosa, rich in nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. In this period the mucous is very vulnerable so hygienic care of the temporary prosthesis should be carried out using a toothbrush with soft bristles to gently brush your teeth, minimally damaging joints, 2 – 3 times a day using a special Care Foam for the oral cavity with antiseptic properties.

For people who have dentures fitted good hygienic oral care is as important as it is for a person with healthy natural teeth. Protruding portion of the implant (superstructure) and dental prostheses require careful daily cleaning not only in the early postimplantation period, but also during the whole time of service, because if you let it accumulate and multiply them by microorganisms, it will not only affect the life of prostheses but also damage the health of the adjacent teeth.

Dental care is especially important in the morning and evening because during the night saliva decreases the secretion (discharge from glands), so it has less of an antibacterial effect than during the day. The diet should be followed the entire period of treatment and for two weeks after the installation of permanent prosthesis. Areas that need an increased attention during cleaning are implant superstructures and prosthesis surface adjacent to the gum. Cleaning should be carried out before a large mirror and good lighting.

You will need to clean with all kinds of hygienic supplies – brushes, dental floss, superfloss. When cleaning the sides of the protruding portions of the implant and the lower surface of the prosthesis should be passed floss or super floss into the space between and around them suprastructures and reciprocating movements from side to side to remove plaque from the sides and the rear surface of the implant superstructure. Can be applied to dental floss toothpaste – is to gently polish the surface of the superstructure.
Dentures with a minimum number of implants
The bottom surface of the prosthesis also needs a thorough cleaning. Purification of the bottom surface of the dental prosthesis is also carried out using the floss coated with the surface of the toothpaste. In this case, the reciprocating motion must be sent back and forth. For these purposes, you can also use super floss or interdental brush -row – cleaning brush. In this case, toothpaste also has a protective and soothing effect and helps clean teeth more effectively.

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April 26, 2019
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