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Key Trends in Dental Marketing until 2020

Key Trends in Dental Marketing until 2020

Маркетинг в стоматологии

The world is rapidly changing under the pressure of social and economic factors, discoveries in science and advances in technology. “Adapt or die” – the basic evolutionary principle of nature, which is true for any business. The dentist should be aware of all the changes in the minds and wallets of his current and future patients, only this will help to best meet their needs and expectations.

Until 2020, according to the forecasts of futurologists, the world around us may change more than we expect. The main trends of the near future in the marketing of medical services for many may not yet be obvious.

1. The middle class in society is very thin, and it is constantly decreasing. And this is a trend not only in our country, marketers in more prosperous countries are talking about this. Dental insurance in the world does not cover all the needs of people for the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, and therefore many types of dental services, such as preventive visits and brushing your teeth, are considered by patients as optional and even as unjustified luxury. What to do? Seek out patients who understand the importance of regular dental check-ups or educate those who do not.

2. Decreased people’s confidence in any information. The society, taught by fake news, overfed by advertising and not trusting the authorities, gained a certain immunity and skepticism to any information. Despite the fact that in some situations this is justified, the general increase in public distrust means that the business, including the dental one, must work hard to gain the trust of potential patients. Encourage patients to share positive reviews about you on social networks and online services on your sites, as this plays a big role in increasing the trust of potential patients.

3.Changing patient behavior. When it comes to emergency treatment, patients tend to make slower decisions about their treatment costs. Even wealthy patients have become more cautious in agreeing on a treatment plan and associated costs. Patients want more for their money. In addition, they become less regular patients, prone to replacing a doctor. This trend is now evident in developed countries, and by 2020 could reach our country.

4. Consumption of digital and video content will increase. If you think that people’s dependence on digital content has reached a saturation point, you are mistaken. To successfully compete with other participants in the dental market, your online presence must be quite active. One site is no longer enough, patients want more. Easy-to-read articles and videos with practical tips are the most desirable content, but you need to remember that even the already involved audience is very unstable, and may go to another place if you stop satisfying its needs.

5. Paid content and promotion will have to be combined with organic. And although you will always use organic (unpaid) content, it will not be enough for the effective promotion of services, it will become increasingly ineffective for acquiring patients on social networks. Social networks change their algorithms in such a way that your free information will be difficult to break through to those in whom you are interested. By 2020, all social networks are likely to make you pay for the promotion of your information, and for effective interaction with potential customers you will have to devote budgets for this. Also, if you are not ready to personally spend a lot of time on social networks, you will have to hire a specialist for this.

6. Most Internet users will switch to surfing in mobile phones. In recent years, the number of people who access the Internet mainly or exclusively from a mobile phone has been steadily growing, and this should be taken into account when developing your Internet resources — create mobile versions, make websites easier to speed up, and introduce a convenient navigation system.

7. A boom in online services is expected. More and more people even order coffee online. For now, only a crazy person can ask for a tooth filling, but think about what services you can provide to patients online. Schedule a visit, cancel or confirm a meeting, fill out some form – more and more patients prefer to do this not by telephone, but via the Internet. If you are older than patient expectations, you will lose to competitors. You can integrate special systems into your practice that will manage your scheduling, reminder, appointments, and reviews online.

8. Automation and artificial intelligence for competitive advantage. This may not be such a distant prospect, as you think, and by 2020 it may already become a reality. The introduction of automation and artificial intelligence is just around the corner, and now is the time to automate as many of your processes as possible – from practice management systems to communicating with patients and marketing.

Future technologies will increasingly influence how we conduct business, and the advantage will be the one who will meet the time as early as possible.

December 23, 2019
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