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Polay v McMahon Case Brief for Law School

polay v mcmahon

Our participants’ attempts to fit into the new societies are influenced by their past experiences, compounding their apprehensions about exclusion in the host countries. In our study, the migrants’ narratives conveyed their sense and awareness of the ‘anti-asylum-seeker racism’ prevalent in the UK, hence their discomfort as they felt that they were viewed only https://xero-accounting.net/ as immigrants as opposed to full members of the new communities. The term refugee made me lose lots of good things in life. When you meet a boyfriend the idea in people’s mind is that you’re looking to have British papers. They don’t think about the emotion you have as a human being. Some community members jeer at you when they learn that you’re a refugee.

P. 12 and a special motion to dismiss under the SLAPP statute, Mass. Gen. Laws ch. The trial court allowed the motion to dismiss as to all claims, as well as the special motion to dismiss with respect polay v mcmahon to the abuse of process and malicious prosecution claims. The special motion was denied as to the other three claims. The defendant then successfully requested costs and attorney’s fees.


To Massachusetts with the children.In November, 2013, the couple separated, and Partanen moved out of the family home. Partanen filed an action to establish de facto parentage in February, 2014. She requested visitation with the children and shared legal custody.

  • The crux of Joseph’s current complaint alleges that Jennifer and Officer Woods conspired to illegally access and disseminate Joseph’s private personal information.
  • First, The record of his conviction of a misdemeanor shall not be shown for such purpose after five years from the date on which sentence on said conviction was imposed, unless he has subsequently been convicted of a crime within five years of the time of his testifying.
  • Landlords were suing tenants who reported building violations, businesses were suing customers who made consumer complaints, and public officials were suing their political critics.
  • The question we must address, then, is whether Partanen may establish that she is the children’s “presumed parent” under G.
  • The Superior Court allowed McMahon’s motion to dismiss.

Seeing what the rebel soldiers were doing in town, I used all monies I had to pay those who could help me leave because I fear the same fate— . For similar reasons, we reject Joseph’s argument based on the Massachusetts “discovery rule,” which applies “in circumstances where the plaintiff did not know or could not reasonably have known that he or she may have been harmed by the conduct of another.” Koe v. Mercer, 876 N.E.2d 831, 836 (Mass. 2007).


Any parent and practically any adult knows the man said this to try and keep his son from panicking in an already horrible situation, but of course, Elton didn’t know that. Smart as he may have been, he was five! So he took that to heart and between that and his mother’s manuscript, he shaped his life around knowledge, facts, science. What can and can’t be controlled. He talks to Silas about how fear is just a chemical response, so it should be one that can be mastered, but at the same time he’s trembling from the fear of his friends not trusting him, that he might lose them, and not just physically but emotionally.

polay v mcmahon

All authors reviewed and commented on subsequent drafts of the manuscript. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. The way in which the migrants experienced identity oscillation was clearly inherent to the migrant integration process.

Polay v. McMahon

The first Section 59H case to reach the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (“SJC”) was not a typical SLAPP scenario. Duracraft Corp. v. Holmes Prods. Corp., 427 Mass. 156 involved a former executive of a company who allegedly violated a nondisclosure agreement while preparing for and testifying at a deposition.

The notice shall be mailed to the plaintiff’s attorney of record, or, if there be none, to the plaintiff if his address be known. Otherwise such notice shall be published as directed by the court. Dismissal under this paragraph shall be without prejudice. By filing a stipulation of dismissal signed by all parties who have appeared in the action. The court therefore finds that there is no just reason for delay and directs that a final judgment enter dismissing this action as to the defendant Boston Medical Corp. DH collected the data and completed the part of the literature review. ABM contributed to the data analysis and writing the methodology section as well as proofreading formatting the manuscript.

Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH

209C, § 21 (in “an action to determine the existence of a mother and child relationship,” “the provisions of this chapter applicable to establishing paternity shall apply”). We note, in this regard, that courts in other jurisdictions have read comparable provisions to establish presumed parentage in the absence of biological relationships, and have done so, in part, out of concern for the welfare of children born out of wedlock. Gallagher cites a number of cases to support her contention that a biological relationship is necessary to establish parentage under G. In one of these, C.M. V. P.R.,420 Mass. 220, we held that a man was not a legal parent under G.

January 22, 2021

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