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Dental Implants

All production of Alpha Dent Implants is thoroughly sterilized. Double sterile packing ensures sterility maintenance.
Quality control
Alpha Dent Implants maintains a system of rigorous quality control of its products. It has certificates of quality standard ISO 13485, CE, FDA for medical purposes.
Lifetime warranty
Lifetime warranty for Alpha Dent Implants products is a guarantee of your successful medical practice.
3D Active Surface
3D Active
3D Active
3D Active

3D Active surface represents the latest generation of dental implant surface treatment technology. This surface is active and hydrophilic; it has distinct multi-layered microporous structure. The thickness of oxide layer of the implant surface reaches 10-12 microns. The entire thickness of the oxide layer is imbued with micropores that combine with each other and create a multi-layered surface.

This way, the bone tissue grows deeper both in and between micro pores. Thereby, implant surface area is significantly increased and, thus, the contact between bone tissue and implant surface is strengthened. Titanium oxide film is enriched with calcium hydroxyapatite, and the implant surface is contaminant-free. It has prominent hydrophilic characteristics (absorption).

Researches show that 3D Active surface stimulates active bone growth over the implant surface that results in mechanical stability. This surface property allows performing orthopedic rehabilitation at an earlier stage and significantly reduces the risk when the implant is installed under the one-stage procedure.

Production of Alpha Dent Implants
Positioning of the implant in bone
Bone depth on the side of cortical plate must be not less than 1 mm.
The distance between an implant and a tooth root must be minimum 1.5 mm.
The distance between two implants must be a sum of 0.5 diameters of the body of the implants installed + 3 mm (distance between implants).
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