Slim is an innovative achievement of Alpha Dent Implants and leading specialists in the field of dental implantology

Thin tapered implant

Implant Slim

Thin tapered implant Slim is used for installation in an anterior area in cases of narrow crest or between closely adjacent teeth (implants), as well as between permanent implants for temporary restoration.

It may be used for immediate force.

Internal hexagon
Internal hexagon
The platform has an internal hexagon 2.0 mm
Intermediate thread
Intermediate thread
Bone thread on the corticospongioid level
Internal hexagon
The platform has an internal hexagon 2.0 mm
Micro thread
Micro rings for better contact with a cortical plate
Active thread
Allows achieving reliable initial stability in soft bone
3D Active surface

3D Active surface represents the latest generation of dental implant surface treatment
technology. This surface is active and hydrophilic. It has distinct multi-layered microporous
structure. The entire thickness of the oxide layer is imbued with micropores that combine with each other
and create a multi-layered surface.

Positioning of the implant in bone
Bone depth on the side of cortical plate must be not less than 1 mm.
The distance between an implant and a tooth root must be minimum 1.5 mm
The distance between two implants must be a sum
of diameters of the body of the implants installed
+ 3 mm (distance between implants).
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