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Implantation as a new level of quality of life

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Implantation as a new level of quality of life

In the modern world, the entire human civilization develops from satisfaction of basic needs to the spiritual, and medicine in its turn from life-saving to the improvement of its quality. What does it mean? If we talk about dentistry, it concerns the fact that it is not enough to help, relieving from pain, infection, inflammation of the defect, according to the modern standards, it is the middle ages. Modern dentistry directs huge technological and human resources not only to restore health, but to create beauty. What is the quality of life unless its beauty? Of course, beauty is a relative conception, but it is the beauty that influences the emotional and psychological state of the person, comfortable feeling with himself and in the society. Beauty is in some sense the freedom of choice, the breadth of facilities and the statement to the world.

Experts in the field of dental implantology as nobody else understand the importance to meet the patient’s demand in a high quality of life. The need to restore a shining smile and mental equilibrium arises, because tooth loss is always a great stress and reduction of internal comfort.

It is also very important for the method of treatment   not to bring additional pain to the patient. In this case, the implantation has several advantages:

1. Implant survival rate in 98% of cases creates conditions for the use of durable construction. There is no need to resort to dental retreatment for a long time.

2. The ability to help and solve the problem, as the range of indications   is quite wide.

3. The ability and availability to implant the tooth without damaging adjacent one, there is no necessity to grind them and draw in the medical process.

4. The ability to restore the dentition with complete loss of teeth.

5. The ability to restore a natural smile and health, as it prevents the bone atrophy and does not break the function of chewing and digestion.

6. Immediate implant is placed after removal of immedicable tooth, which reduces stress for the patient.

All these advantages, together with high-quality products of the company Alpha Dent Implants create new rules in order to improve the quality of patient’s life. These rules say that despite age, concomitant diseases, clinical situation and the state of bone (osseous) tissue implants in the hands of our professionals will help to overcome all difficulties on the way to the highest standards of living.

Thus, implants maintain health, providing greater comfort and freedom of life, so choosing a quality implant, you step up the ladder of quality of life. And our experts have decided in favor of the most reliable and high-quality materials and development, knowing that there is no limit to perfection. That is why in the arsenal of our products you can find exactly what suits only you. Individual approach and solution of your problem are just the things that we are ready to spend our  time and energy on.

Dear Patients!
Alpha Dent has worldwide distributors network. If you wish to set Alpha Dent implants please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to recommend you the nearest clinic, in which you can set Alpha Dent implants.
High quality and lifetime warranty will provide you with a healthy smile for years to come!

Janeiro 10, 2017

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