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Secrets of posterior teeth implantation

Secrets of posterior teeth implantation

An implantation of posterior teeth, which also are known as molars and premolars, is the most popular service in dental clinics.

The most significant features of posterior teeth implantation is functionality but not aesthetics.

We use molars for chewing food, for that reason these teeth have a wide surface and firmly attached to the jawbone. Unfortunately, posterior teeth are often suffer from caries. In addition, secondary caries under the fillings makes more problems for patients and the dentist have no choice but to extract posterior tooth.

Tooth extraction may cause some negative changes in occlusion, including the movement and teeth tipping, problems with chewing.

Posterior teeth deal with huge load during chewing, so the implant must be very reliable and of high quality. Two-step implantation protocol is the best option for this area. First step is to place an implant in hard tissue. Then after several month of osseointegration  the dentist place a crown.

This photos of molars and premolars implantation clinical cases suggest that Alpha Dent implants have excellent osseointegration and high-quality.


September 4, 2017
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