Simple Solutions of Complicated Clinical Situations - Alpha Dent Implants

Simple Solutions of Complicated Clinical Situations

Simple Solutions of Complicated Clinical Situations


Dental laboratory Kalibra. Ukraine
Initial situation: Full Maxillary Adentia.
Treatment: Placement of five Alpha Dent Implants. Selection of fixed prosthetics with the help of screwed bridge prosthesis.

Laboratory stages:

The implants were inserted with large axial deviations as to each other. This is seen on the Photos 1c, d, e and e with straight abutment screwed on. Alpha Dent Implants Adapters capable to align an angle from 17 to 30 degrees were chosen to solve this clinical situation. The adapter consists of three components. The first component of adapter is screwed on the analogs of implants at the first stage (Photo 2); the second tapered component is got on it (Photo 3а, b, c and d).  The third component of adapter is fixed in the bridge prosthesis being a response taper component (Photo 4а, b and c). The bridge prosthesis is made with technical screw holes (Photo 5а, b).

Photo 1a
Photo 1b
Photo 1c
Photo 1d


Photo 1e.
Photo 1f
Photo 2.
Photo 3a
Photo 3b
Photo 3c
Photo 3d
Photo 3a-d. The second component of Alpha Dent Implants Adapters.
Photo 4a
Photo 4b
Photo 5a
Photo 5b
Photo 4a, b. Response component of Alpha Dent Implants Adapter in the bridge.  Photo 5a, b. Finished structure is fixed with the screws.


The work satisfying patient’s every esthetical and functional requirements was performed with the help of Alpha Dent Adapters notwithstanding complicated clinical conditions (Photo 6а, b, c and d).

Photo 6a
Photo 6b
Photo 6c
Photo 6d

The work was performed by: Kalibra Dental Laboratory, Smela. Our website is:

February 20, 2019
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