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Implants or traditional dental prosthetics

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Implants or traditional dental prosthetics

Why have dental implants so easily moved back the use of bridge structures and in general almost all the methods of traditional prosthetics all over the world?  How has   dental surgery just in a few decades cardinally changed attitude to the dental implant procedure as a surgery, which can be used as a last resort when all other possibilities have already been exhausted, to the method of restorative dentistry?

Indeed, today the dental implant procedure is a possibility to restore a perfect smile and keep a comfortable way of life, having restored the health of teeth with the help of the most advanced materials and structures. Modern implants are tiny, reliable, comfortable for the dentist’s work, functional and durable for the patient. Of course, thanks to all this, they are not just replacing the “granny” prostheses but becoming completely a different approach to the effectiveness of the beauty and health of your teeth.

Besides the fact that the survival rate of implants today is 98-99%, there is also a number of advantages that have helped this method to become a new standard of dental care, without which its further development would have been impossible. These advantages are the following differences of dental implants from the traditional prosthetics.

1. Since the implant is placed directly into the jawbone, the denture, which is fixed on it, does not require abutment teeth. It enables to avoid healthy teeth facing specially for fixing the bridge, which means that they will not be damaged and maintain their health condition.

2. It is possible to install on implants not only a single tooth to compensate the single defect but also the denture to compensate the dentition defect of any length, using several implants.

3. Dental implants enable not to use overdentures, even when it comes to the restoration of the entire dentition.

4. When indications for installation a dental implant-supported overdenture, such design will be more convenient for the patient, as it is fixed to implants very reliably and  it is more functional, takes up less space in the mouth and it is easier to adapt to it as a result of its greater functionality (chewing function is optimally reproduced without changing taste). Modern dental implant-supported overdentures are not visible to others, thus increase self-esteem of the patient and help to feel confident in any social role.

5. There are indications and contraindications that prohibit denture delivery in a traditional way. However, an alternative in the form of dental implant–supported restoration gives the opportunity to patients to return back their   health and self-confidence.

6. In the absence of teeth, even for a short time, there occurs a change of bone tissue, without loading – it is reduced in volume, atrophies. Implants, unlike dental bridgeworks provide the load transfer from the artificial tooth to the jawbone, which helps its more natural functioning and reduces the rate of atrophy.

The company Alpha Dent Implants recommends  when any  questions and doubts related to the dental implants, to consult a good specialist, who will help you to determine the method of treatment.

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Mart 1, 2019

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