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What affects the durability of the implant?

What affects the durability of the implant?

Each owner of a beautiful and natural smile after the dental implant treatment concerns about service life of an implant? What should you do to prolong its service life? And what affects its durability? It is necessary to ask all these questions at the stage of selecting the implant before its placement, as one of the factors that greatly affects the service life is the quality of the implant. Therefore, you should seriously compare products of different manufacturing companies to consider all the pros and cons, warranties and design features, types of implants and the quality of materials, the cost and ease of their placement.

The first helper in this matter will be an implantologist. Since his experience with various implants is in the first place. It is the doctor who has an idea about the state of the jawbone still on the first consultation, and just this factor, together with the selection of high-quality implant plays an important role in the duration of its service life.

Nowadays implantologists confidently say that dental implants can last a lifetime. However, its durability is actively influenced by the implant care as well as the whole oral cavity,  the general health of the patient, and the design of the implant, and the material, it is made from, and the  professionalism  of the mplantologist and the  prosthodontist who makes dentures.

The main guarantor of the quality of the implant is the company – manufacturer. After the implant placement the doctor is responsible for the long service life of an implant, referring to the evaluation of his work and the state of your health. The stability and durability of the implant also depends on the correct prosthetics procedure, as proper load distribution depends on the quality of the fabrication and fixation of the crown or dental bridge on the implant. Improperly loaded implant is subject to the failure of the osseointegration process and that is why its service life can be reduced. The duration of the implant service life is also ensured by regular dental checkups, at least twice a year, removing potential sources of infection, the examination and consultation, which do not allow to miss complications and prolong the service of the implant.

A high rate of the implant service life is considered to be 15-20 years, an average rate – 10-15 years, however, if the implant is survived without any complications, the probability of his lifelong service increases, regardless of its cost. Therefore it is considered not to be quite competent to compare the implant service life taking into account the manufacturer.

Is it possible to extend the service life of the implant? In general, yes it is. Restorative general practitioners and manufacturers of implants say it with confidence. The company Alpha Dent Implants as one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality implants, affirms that the main things in this case – a regular hygienic care of the implants in the oral cavity, responsible and systematic examinations of the dentist after the implant placement. We can also include in this list a proper nutrition, recommended by the implantologist and dietarian after the surgery, a healthy lifestyle, without overloading and damaging dentures, giving up smoking, vitamins and a good mood – and a long service life of the implant is guaranteed.

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May 6, 2019
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