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What dental implants are better?

What dental implants are better?

What criteria should choose the dentist for the best dental implantation? This question bothers many who ventured into the implantation of teeth.

Let’s look at seven key characteristics of implants:
1. Quality of the material;
2. Physiologic shape;
3. Intelligent design;
4. Longevity;
5. Aesthetics;
6. Price;
7. Manufacturer with a worldwide reputation.

Quality of the material

Today almost all dental implants are made of titanium. It is recognized as the perfect material for making artificial teeth, as it does not adversely affect the physiological system itself is not affected by the surrounding biological environment. The unique properties of titanium were discovered in 1952 by a Swiss professor Ingvar Brånemark. It was he who in the course of their research noticed that the material can reliably grow together with the jawbone. Further the process which made possible dental implantation was called osseointegration.
But to achieve a good result it was not enough only titanium. In order to make the process better and faster osseointegration, the company has developed Alpha Dent Implants with a special surface 3D Active. It is proved that the coating enhances performance fusion with bone and gives predictable results in the long run.

Physiological shape

It is logical to imagine that a dental implant replaces the root of a natural tooth must have root form. But not all researchers in the field of implantology agree with it. So in 1964 Professor L. Linkov suggested lamellar implant that looks like fairly wide plate. Bulky design required major surgery and had problems with adaptability. But despite the bad shape and traumatic implant placement, the invention of Prof. Linkov is still used by doctors from the Russian hinterland.
Apart from laminar implants have also been proposed unimaginable complex designs and perosseous subperiosteal implants. First would like to sit down on the jaw bone (subperiosteal implantation), and the latter actually pierced through her (perosseous implantation). Using this type of construction was justified by the fact that they can be applied with a minimum amount of jaw bone without resorting to bone grafting. Today it is clear that the root form implant (Alpha Dent) is the best in function and suitable for a variety of clinical cases.

Intelligent design

Intelligent design means not only good-looking of the implant but also a functionability. Thus, the best Tapered tooth implants in the form of a cone and having grooves on their surface provide a reliable fixation in the bone. In addition to cone-shaped and the main thread, they also have special microscopic grooves. Research results show that thanks to them bone formation around the implant is faster than without them. In addition, the design of a double thread allows you to adjust the angle of inclination of the implant, which contributes to the incredible aesthetics.
Coronal part of the implant design (neck) also plays an important role. Is a known fact that the polished surface at this point facilitates the bone resorption around it. As a result, the upper part of the implant begins to show through the gums or even act on it. To avoid this neck should also be threaded. This provides the maximum amount of bone around the implant Alpha Dent to better support the soft gum tissue.


How long can serve as the best dental implants? Professionally installed quality implant with proper care for it can serve the patient for many years. This confirms the fact that the first patient Professor Ingvar Branemark Swiss carpenter Gusteau Larsson lived with artificial teeth for life. Check the status of dental implants and conduct occupational health need every three months in the first year and in subsequent – semiannually. Like natural teeth, dentures can wear out and break, but worn or broken crown easily restored.
The mechanical strength depends upon the quality of the implant of titanium and its microstructure, strength and reliability of the individual components of the compound. The life of the implant is greatly influenced by the quality of manufacturing and installation of crowns, which should provide an opportunity to correct the load and good hygiene.


The task of the best implants not only restore function, but the natural appearance of the lost tooth. It is unacceptable that he stood out against the background of the dentition, and especially shines through the gum or neck laid bare, giving presence of the prosthesis. To prevent this from happening, you need harmony in conjunction implant – abutment – crown. Create this harmony is possible only when a doctor has not only high-quality implant, but also quite a selection of standard and custom orthotic solutions.


Today there are three classes of implantology implants on the market: premium, medium and economy. Alpha Dent implants have an optimum value for money. Confidence in the quality of our products allows us to provide a lifetime warranty.

Manufacturing company with a worldwide reputation

Leaders implantation production systems do not only sell their products, but also provide further uphold its customers. Physician working with the company Alpha Dent having official offices worldwide , has an opportunity to receive advice on technologies and equipment , as well as through free replacement warranty on the implant to provide their patients re- implantation for the clinic in case of failure.
We examined seven criteria for choosing dental implants. Each of them somehow affects the reliability, function and aesthetics of the implant. All this ultimately determines the level of life, the state of comfort and that long-term prediction that “shines” we are with you in choosing the right implant system. 
Dear Patients!
Alpha Dent has worldwide distributors network. If you wish to set Alpha Dent implants please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to recommend you the nearest clinic, in which you can set Alpha Dent implants.
High quality and lifetime warranty will provide you with a healthy smile for years to come!
September 20, 2018
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