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What type of dental specialists provide surgical dental implant treatment?

What type of dental specialists provide surgical dental implant treatment?

High-quality and reliable placement of dental implants includes not only a high technological level of dental implant production, but also total professionalism of all specialists in a dental team. But how to find high-level dental specialists? And what type of specialists are they?

The patient asks himself all these questions when making decision about dental implant treatment. The path to a stunning smile and healthy mouth starts with searching for the right clinic and / or specialist, you can entrust your health.

At this stage, it is important to pay attention to the following things:

1.Does a clinic or a doctor have a formal permission to perform dental implant surgery. These documents must include Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion and the license from the Ministry of Health.

2.Do they have the documents and certificates allowing these dentists call themselves specialists in the field of implant dentistry and information about training courses, where they learn to work with materials and implant systems of various implant manufacturers.

3.Do dental specialists attend post – graduate training at Medical University and training provided by the implant manufacturers to teach them to become competent specialists in this field. Leading manufacturing companies have their own training centers in various countries and teach doctors how to work with their materials and implants.

4.Pay attention to the operating room, and ask what methods of aseptic and antiseptic the specialists of the clinic use.

5.The level of medical devices, which are used in the clinic, also shows the attitude to all the treatment process as a whole. And if radiovisiography is a minimum required device, then, as for CT scanning, you need to undergo it in other place, if there is not such an expensive device in the clinic. Besides such a necessary device can be absent in the clinic or dentist’s room because they are located in the same building with living accommodations. The use of CT scans is prohibited in living areas.

6.Confidence and goodwill to answer all your questions, play significant role as well. As for general information about the types of implants, they use, you can receive it from their official Web site or from special magazines.

What types of dental specialists are involved in implant surgery? It is also important to know, because this is not only a well – equipped clinic but a team of oral surgeons and dentists who will carry out your treatment. The professional team will participate in the process to restore your perfect smile. The dental team consists of implant surgeons, prosthodontists, dental therapists, dental technicians and hygienists.

The specialists of the company Alpha Dent Implants remind that each of them is responsible for their part of work: an oral surgeon performs the actual implant surgery and controls the process of osseointegration, a prosthodontist restores missing or damaged teeth with prosthetic replacements, a therapist treats the focus of inflammation in the oral cavity and prepares it for implant placement, and a dental technician fabricates the prosthetic restoration in the laboratory. A hygienist teaches you how to care for implants after their placement. Their quality mutual work will lead to successful outcomes of the whole procedure.

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March 2, 2020
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