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When are dental implants really necessary?

When are dental implants really necessary?

Dental implants are the best long-term solution to the problem of missing teeth due to their increasing availability and ease of use. Indeed, we all have known since our childhood that the daily proper dental care is the most effective way to prevent tooth loss and oral diseases. Timely advice from a dentist help to prevent pathological disease in the early stage and take appropriate preventive and treatment measures. Semi-annual visits to the dentist in the childhood can become a guarantee of calmness in the dental office for adults.  Improper dental care and tooth pathology create all conditions for a mandatory implantation as tooth loss is only a matter of time. Dental implants are vital in cases of multiple or complete tooth loss (edentulism).

What other clinical situations require mandatory dental implant treatment? Such situations include any cases of tooth loss or extraction, if there are no contraindications to dental implants, which cause social and psychological discomfort for the patient due to pain, impairment of the chewing function and aesthetics of the smile.

If there are no contraindications, and your plans to have healthy teeth coincide with the dream of the perfect smile, nothing prevents you from the visit to the dentist to hear his opinion about methods and techniques of dental implants required in your individual case. Besides the desire of the patient, there are also indications for dental implants:

1. Single dentition defect with the obligatory presence of healthy or well-treated adjacent teeth. The desire to preserve the neighboring teeth healthy and do without grinding that is required to place a traditional crown or bridgework.

2. Multiple missing teeth in a row. In this case, in addition to the aesthetic and functional advantages, dental implants help to prevent bone atrophy which is caused by a lack of load as a result of the dentition defect. Only an implant can replace the root of a missing tooth and transmit the load from the crown to the bone cells.

3. Missing or extracted wisdom teeth in the dentition, i.e. free – end edentulous space, as the fixation of a traditional prosthesis, in this case, is almost impossible due to absence of adjacent teeth. An implant does not require adjacent healthy teeth to be attached to, so it is the ideal solution to this situation.

4. Complete edentulism or absence of all teeth with a decrease of the height of alveolar processes. In the past traditional removable dentures were used in such cases. However, they have a number of disadvantages compared with dental implants and fade into the background. In fact, implant-supported dentures are more comfortable than traditional dentures, which should be removed at night.

5. Acrylate allergy in patients with removable dentures or a severe gag reflex.

Thus, the specialists of the company Alpha Dent Implants recommend dental implants, in the absence of contraindications, as a modern method of fast and elegant solution to restore health and beauty of your teeth.

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January 15, 2020
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