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Why do I need to place dental implants?

Why do I need to place dental implants?

We always ask ourselves the question: “Why do we need it?” before making any decision. But in some situations, this question is simply pointless, because the answer is obvious. The question why we need healthy teeth would cause a smile, but when it comes to dental implants we still hesitate. Why is it so? After all, it is not a secret that teeth start to crumble or fall out even with constant care long before old age.

Until recently, modern dentistry could offer a wide range of dental treatment options, but if a tooth cannot be treated, causes inflammation of surrounding tissue, pain, swelling and cannot perform its function, it is removed. Thus, when it is impossible to restore the tooth, we need prosthetic treatment. The traditional dental prosthetic treatment has a number of drawbacks, which are also the indirect answer to the question: “Why do I need to place implants?” Dental implants were invented because of these disadvantages of conventional fixed and removable prostheses.

1.Dental implants simulate natural teeth in both form and function, i.e. load is transmitted uniformly to implant-supported prostheses and supporting bone. This prevents bone atrophy, i.e. a decrease in jawbone volume caused by tooth loss or traditional tooth replacements. Jaw is fully involved into the work during chewing and does not lose its functionality. It stimulates not only the normal functioning of bone tissue and muscles of the maxillofacial area but prevents changing the contours of the face and the appearance of premature wrinkles.

2.Dental implants made it possible to prevent damaging neighboring healthy teeth by conventional tooth replacements. The neighboring healthy teeth required grinding to secure a bridge or crown and in such a way they were damaged.

3.Neither of dental treatment methods  could  provide  such  successful aesthetic results as dental implants. Only implants can provide functional and aesthetic benefits. If you want not only to restore your teeth for many years, but also get a beautiful natural smile that cannot be created by any other methods, it is another answer to the question why we need implants. It is safe to say that implants can help you to regain confidence and will make you look years younger.

4.There is psychological and physical discomfort when restoring the completely edentulous maxilla or mandible with removable prosthetics, but it can be a very confusing idea that it is necessary to periodically remove and place back your prosthesis in the mouth. It can affect your speech, cause allergy or inflammatory reactions of the mucosa beneath it. The prosthesis may simply drop out of the mouth at the most inopportune moment. Patients with removable prosthetics require a constant monitoring during the period of adaptation and more mental efforts. We may say with confidence that implants make life easier by removing all these inconveniences, which diminish the patient’s quality of life.

Why do we need to place implants? We can receive the most complete answer to this question, according to the specialists of the company Alpha Dent Implants, only after having visited a dentist qualified to perform implant treatment.

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November 1, 2019
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