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Why do not dental implants cause immune response of the body?

Why do not dental implants cause immune response of the body?

The term “implant” refers to the artificial tooth root that is implanted into your jaw bone. Implantation (lat.- “im” – inside, “plantatio” – plant) – a surgical procedure, which involves placing a foreign device or material in the human body for therapeutic purposes.

An implant as a foreign body must be rejected according to all the laws of the immune system, as even very small splinter can cause local inflammation and a small infection. Why does not it happen? On the contrary, the overall implant survival rate is of 98-99%, and implant failure occurs only because of improper placement, poor hygiene, a complete ignorance of indications and contraindications, low professional skills of your treating doctor or the patient’s irresponsible attitude towards treatment.

The fact is that in the early stages of implant development the main task was to find such a material to manufacture implants that does not cause an immune response in tissues of the body. Numerous scientific and practical research have proven that titanium is the best material. Namely titanium has been successfully used to manufacture implants, due to its bio-inertness, i.e. this metal does not adversely interact with biological tissue.

Thus, implants have been manufactured from titanium which proved to be reliable with a guaranteed long service life. Moreover, titanium does not simply maintain its properties unchanged during the entire service life of the implant, but special surface treatments, namely, the rough coating with numerous micro pits create all the conditions for the most successful osseointegration of the implant. Dental implants successfully integrate with the bone due to the bio-inert nature of titanium. Bone cells do not just tightly surround the implant-they grow into and fill the roughness and micro pits of the implant surface.

It turns out that the immune system does not “see” the titanium implant and does not response to it. When the implant fails for a number of reasons, the immune system response is not to the titanium itself, but to bacteria that get into the surgical site and cause the development of inflammation around the implant (peri-implantitis). That is why it is so important to observe all the rules of aseptic and antiseptic when placing implants in order to prevent complications caused by the implant failure.

Porcelain has the same properties as titanium, suitable for production of implants, but it is not strong enough and has a higher fracture rate. Zirconia, like titanium, is a biocompatible material, but zirconium implants have obvious aesthetic advantages over titanium implants. The price for zirconium implants is higher that is why they are not so popular among patients.

The specialists  of the company Alpha Dent Implants recommend to make a decision about implant treatment without any doubts, as modern titanium purification methods allows to manufacture high-quality and affordable implants with a long service life.

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November 28, 2018
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